Understanding Personality Disorders
(2-part course)

This course aims to increase student’s understanding of Personality Disorders. Please click on the course for further information on what is covered in both parts.

Introduction to Recovery

This course explores the different perspectives about what recovery means. We look at recovery from a personal perspective, and think about the things that might help or hinder recovery.

Introduction to The Caring Role

Develop your understanding of the caring role, and gain support in undertaking it.

Finding your Pathway through Services

Trying to find your way through the many mental health services? Looking for strategies to help you manage, or information on what’s available? Look no further!

Understanding Anxiety

This course focuses on anxiety, what it is and how it affects us, and how we can learn to manage it better.

Understanding Confidence

This course will help develop existing skills and provide a space to explore possible ways of increasing confidence.

Understanding Depression

Develop your understanding of what Depression may be like, the causes, and some of the options available for support.

Understanding Eating Disorders

This course aims to increase understanding of eating disorders.

Understanding Mental Health

An introductory course, exploring what the term ‘mental health’ means, and dispelling some of the myths around it.

Understanding Psychosis

This course follows the journey of someone who has experienced psychosis, exploring what can be challenging and what can be helpful in someone’s recovery journey.

Understanding Self-Harm

Why do people self-harm, and what alternative coping strategies might be possible? Explore this with us in a safe and non-judgemental space.

Understanding Stigma

Explore what stigma is, how it may effect us, and what we can do to challenge it safely.

Adapting to Change

This course is for anyone who has experienced change, and would like to share and explore their experiences, reasons for changing being sometimes difficult to manage, and ways to cope better with change in the future.

Men, Mental Health and Society (3-parts)

This course explores why men may find it harder to talk about their mental health or seek help, the impact of how we use language and the stigma around men’s mental health. 

Gender, Sexuality and Mental Health

This course seeks to explore issues around gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation, and how these can impact on our mental health.

Sleep and Wellbeing

This course focuses on sleep, the physiological basics, the effects of poor sleep on our mental health and general wellbeing, and how we can learn to manage and improve our sleep.

Relationships and Mental Health

This course is aimed at students looking to increase their understanding of the effects of mental health on relationships, and indeed the effects of relationships on Mental Health.

Let’s Talk Loneliness

Let’s Talk Loneliness is a course suitable for anyone wishing to understand more about loneliness, how it can affect us in our day to day lives, and how we can manage it better.

Understanding Trauma (3-parts)

Our 3-part Understanding Trauma course is suitable for anyone who would like to understand more about trauma and how to cope with the impact of trauma on our mental health.

Understanding Bipolar (1-part)

This course aims to increase student’s understanding of Bipolar including its possible causes and symptoms, what it might be like to live with it and how we might define it.

Neurodiversity and Wellbeing (2-parts)

This is a 2-part course for anyone keen to understand more about neurodiversity and its impact on wellbeing.