Here at the Recovery College we are trying to come up with new and innovative ways that we can stay in touch with our Students and the wider community.

In late March, we were delighted to announce the release of The (first ever) Oxfordshire Recovery College Podcast!

Click here to listen to the Podcast:

We welcome all feedback and if you have any suggestions for future episodes or ways you are looking after your own wellbeing or any other suggestions then please get in touch. If you are enjoying these podcast please feel free to share with others and helps us spread the word!

You can also find our podcast available on Spotify, just type in the words ‘Oxfordshire Recovery College’ to find us

Happy Listening!

Podcast 5: Sleep

Our fifth and final episode of The ORC Podcast Series 1 focuses on Sleep. We look into how sleep can have both such a positive and negative impact on many functions of the body, as well as our mental Health. As mentioned in the podcast, for those in the Thames Valley area, you can access the brilliant Sleepio app which provides a range of exercises to help you with your sleep:

Podcast 4: Cooking (on a budget and basics)

Our fourth episode is slightly extended because we did a podcast from our kitchens! We looked at how to cook during the current lockdown as well as tips on how to cook on a budget. Alongside of this we made a Tuna mousse (souffle to some!) Listen to the podcast to find out the recipe!

This is our hat-trick (3rd) episode of the Oxfordshire Recovery College Podcast. We are joined by three co-hosts, two of whom are students of the College. In this episode we discuss how it feels to have a panic attack, including tips and techniques that can help you with this. This includes an introduction to Mindfulness, which comes onto our second section of this episode in which we are joined by Dr Vernon (Clinical Psychologist) to guide us through a short mindfulness session. 

Episode 2 focuses on those with lived experience of mental health and using this experience positively. Re-capping and adding to our 5 Ways to Wellbeing, and looking at living on your own during this time.

During the Recovery College’s first podcast we cover the Five Ways to Wellbeing, and what we’ve been doing to keep ourselves healthy and maintain our wellbeing during this time. We discuss useful hints and tips for you to try out too, including a simple pasta recipe!

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