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What is the Library of Life?

The Library of Life is a collection of video stories that will give all of us access to new perspectives on difficult situations we might be going through. Our stories are about journeys towards recovery and overcoming the hurdles of life, how we navigate towards safe harbour when seas are rough.

The Library Vault

Trigger warnings: isolation, panic 

The Bump
Trigger warnings: child / parent in distress

Barry the Degu

Trigger warnings: abuse, anxiety

Jon’s Recovery Journey
Trigger warnings: abuse, drug use, hospitalization

Trigger warnings: incarceration, isolation

Postnatal Depression

Tam’s Story
Trigger warnings: stress, loud music

That’s all folks
Trigger warnings: anxiety

About Us

These stories were created by the students and tutors of Oxfordshire Recovery College and the Forensic Recovery College. They were keen to share their journey with you, in the hope that their experience can help shine a light for others. We want those who find our Library to draw strength from knowing that others have struggled too.

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