Discover a shared journey of recovery through learning…

At Oxfordshire Recovery College we believe that people learn best with others, sharing their experiences and their journeys. Because of this, you’ll find all of our courses are really interactive, with plenty of space for you to hear from other students.

We believe that people are the experts in their own experience, and therefore they can make good choices about what tools might help them. Because of this, we don’t tell you which courses you have to do, but instead encourage you to pick topics that sound interesting and useful to you.

We believe that lived experience and professional expertise go hand-in-hand, and are both equally valuable. Because of this, you’ll notice that all of our courses are written and delivered by both an ‘Expert by Experience’ and an ‘Expert by Training’, who use their combined knowledge to give you up-to-date and genuine suggestions and information.

Lastly, we believe that learning about our mental health can give us hope for the future, opportunities to make changes, and a larger amount of control over what’s happening to us or our loved ones. Because of this, we provide a wide range of courses all about mental health and wellbeing, and regular one-to-one Individual Learning Plan appointments to help you move forward.

Please take a look at our one-sided poster that explains what we do at the Recovery College, what kind of courses we offer and how to get involved. Please feel free to share this poster and spread the word!

Please click the following link: ORC About Us Poster

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