What is the OMHP?

The Oxfordshire Mental Health Partnership formally brings together six local mental health organisations from the NHS and the charity sector:

These six organisations have made a commitment to work more closely with one another to provide the best mental health services to Oxfordshire residents. Their work is varied, with some focusing on clinical and therapeutic approaches, whilst others provide housing and other support. Click on any of their names above to be taken straight to their websites where you can learn more.

What does it have to do with the College?

The Oxfordshire Recovery College was set up in late 2015, as part of the partnership formally coming together. The six organisations agreed that there was a need within the county, and that the College would be a fantastic way to meet it. Restore was appointed to take the College forward, which means that we sit under Restore and form part of their services. You can head directly to Restore’s website here: https://www.restore.org.uk/

It also means that we have great links with the various partners, and can provide you with plenty of information and signposting if you’d like it. You can have a look at the OMHP website here: https://www.oxfordhealth.nhs.uk/omhp/

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