What is our Forensic Spoke?

Just like all the college’s other Community Spoke locations (like Oxford or Banbury), one of our Spokes happens to be based on Oxford’s Forensic Wards. Forensic Mental Health Services provide assessment and treatment for people with mental health problems and a history of criminal offending, or who are at risk of offending.

In April 2017 The Thames Valley Forensic service were successful in a bid to set up and develop a Forensic Spoke of the Oxfordshire Recovery College. The aim was to be able to offer courses on the Littlemore Hospital site to all patients and staff, especially those who do not have leave to access the Community Spokes of Recovery Colleges in Oxfordshire or Buckinghamshire.

The Forensic Spoke of the Recovery College does not offer therapeutic interventions, so if patients choose to attend the college it does not form part of their formal treatment package through Forensic Mental Health Services; however, it may complement it.

In September 2017 a steering group was set up consisting of patients and staff from the Forensic Service, with representation from each discipline; senior management; Tutors and the Head of College to develop the partnership between Forensic Services and the college, and develop the Spoke.

In November 2017, the Forensic Spoke delivered their first course! By July 2018 we’d registered 70 students, with half of them being staff working in Forensic Services and half being patients living on the wards on the Littlemore site.

We offer a range of courses based on requests from students at the Spoke, and are about to deliver our first cohort of Tutor Training there, so that students can start to design their own courses.

We’re lucky enough to have Petr Neckar as our Forensic Spoke Coordinator. Please contact the main office if you have general enquiries about the Forensic Spoke, or get in touch with Petr directly if you’re a member of staff or patient within the Forensic Service and would like to know how you can get involved – 07789877320

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