Before the age of 25, we are beginning to develop our understanding of the world and forming our understanding of our own identity and core beliefs. Navigating these changes we experience as young people can be particularly challenging when struggling with mental ill health. 

This two-part online course will explore what it is like to navigate mental health as a young person, how to apply strategies to manage our own emotions and support the wellbeing of someone we know. We will equip ourselves with skills, plans and top tips for emotional regulation, resilience and mental wellness. This, in turn, will allow us to understand how to give better help to a friend or family member struggling with their mental health. 

This course will also explore the mental health services available for young people in Oxfordshire and provide information on how to access them.

Please only request to book a place if you are under 25.

This course was co-produced with Oxfordshire Youth and the Mental Wealth Academy