This two-part course explores ways to look after your health and well-being without spending a fortune. It’s suitable for anyone wanting to build strategies and share ideas around shopping, eating and getting the most out of everyday life, whilst sticking to a budget.

During part 1, we will explore the relationship between mental health and life on a budget. Explore the differences between wants and needs, and how these change depending on your mental health. As a group, we will share ideas and tips on eating well for less, economical recipes and meal planning. We will also create a group handout together centred around “Our tips for eating well for less”

During part 2, we will share our experiences around recipes and meal planning from the previous week. We will also look at how to incorporate the 5 ways to Wellbeing whilst on a budget, and will look at tips for making the best use of benefits and services.

Duration: 3 hours per part