Accessing an ORC Online Course in steps:

  • All Students can sign up to an ORC Online Course via email or phone call
  • 1-2 days before the course, you will be sent a Google Meet link for the specific course that you are booked on to
  • At the time and on the day that the course is scheduled, please click on the Google Meet Link and the tutors will welcome you onto the course
  • Following the course, you will be sent some information on Signposting, and a link to a short survey asking about your experience on the course

We have tried to simplify this process as much as possible, but please don’t hesitate to contact the ORC Team if you have any questions

Technology tips:

  • During each term we will run our Introduction to ORC Online course several times. This course is a chance to practice the technology and find out how our courses will work in a safe space with tutors and other students
  • We suggest that you update your computer/tablet/phone to use the latest software if that is available to you
  • The web browser Google Chrome is what we have found works best when accessing courses on Google Meet (but please don’t worry if you are unable to download this)
  • We have found that Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Microsoft do work as well if you are unable to using Google Chrome as your Web Browser
  • Remember: Tutors will be online up to 15 minutes before the start of the course if you want to log on a little earlier to check everything is working for you

If you need any further support, you can contact the ORC team; but there are lots of excellent YouTube short tutorial videos if you would like to access any more information on Google Meet and how it works – this often helps with troubleshooting

Extra Tips:

  • If you are using Google chrome, there is an option to add an ‘extension’ where you can see everyone all at once – you’re not obliged to download this, but we’ve found it useful!

Video link of how to add the Google Chrome Extension it:

Link for the extension: