This course aims to cover how each part of maintaining our physical wellbeing, eating well and finding ways to stay motivated can contribute to improving our mental health. Together, we will consider realistic and achievable ways in which we can stay motivated to eat well and be active in our daily lives, and we aim to guide students through the process of setting up their own personal goals before proposing a short challenge to put those in a test in a safe and supportive environment. Each part of the course will cover each of these topics individually, and armed with that knowledge together we will think about how we can best apply what we learn and discuss, into our day to day lives in a meaningful, sustainable and hopefully enjoyable way. 

Duration: 3 x 90 minute sessions over 3 weeks (currently only offered online)

View our full list of course dates  here, and then call the office on 01865 779 613, or email us at

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