Oxfordshire Recovery College

The Oxfordshire Recovery College uses a ‘hub and spoke model’. All the education, learning and development that is delivered across Oxfordshire on behalf of the college are the Recovery College ‘spokes’. The Recovery College administration operates through a central ‘hub’ which comprises of the core Recovery College team and admissions office.  This is based at  Restore, which is the lead partner for the recovery college.  We will provide courses and workshops across the County of Oxfordshire using educational and community venues. The number of courses and locations will grow over time.

Watch one of Recovery College Tutors William Stewart and Oxford Health Clinical Project Manager Catriona Canning talk about our work:

All college courses and workshops are co-produced and co-delivered by tutors with personal and tutors with professional experience of mental health problems. 

Who can argue against the power of collaboration between peer and clinician when you see with your own eyes people living their dreams and having hope because of it?

We learn from each other and we inspire each other to help students on their road to recovery. You see the positive change in students – becoming the people they want to be.

(ImROC, 2012)

All courses and workshops are open to individuals with lived experience, carers and volunteers and staff of the Oxfordshire Mental Health Partnership.

The college follows an adult education model and we aim to deliver a responsive, peer led education and training curriculum of recovery focused workshops and courses.

Students will have a say in what works for them, have a voice, be heard, and determine their own choices and opportunities in their recovery journey.

About Your Recovery College

An Educational Approach

    • Helps people recognise and make use of their talents and resources
    • Assists people in exploring their possibilities and developing their skills
    • Supports people to achieve their ambitions
    • Staff become coaches who help people find their own solutions
    • Students choose their own courses, work out ways of making sense of and finding meaning in what has happened.  Students become experts in managing their own lives (Recovery Colleges: Perkins, Repper, Rinaldi and Brown, 2012)